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Drosera bulbigena

D. bulbigena is a very small erect growing species reaching 3 to 6 cm in height. The red tuber reaches 1.5 to 2 mm in diameter and is usually found 3 to 4 cm under the surface and it is enclosed in papery sheaths from previous season's tubers. The stem is glabrous along its entire length with 1 to 2 bracts on the lower part of the stem.
The closest relative is D. radicans. These species can be differentiated by tuber colour (D. bulbigena red, D. radicans white), the size of adult plants (3-6 cm for D. bulbigena vs. 12-18 cm for D. radicans), number of flowers (up to 5 for D. bulbigena, 10-25 for D. radicans) as well as some other features.


Tubers of adult plants




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