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Drosera bulbosa ssp. coronata

This subspecies was described by Robert Gibson in 2013. This is his summary of the distinctive features: It differs from D. bulbosa ssp bulbosa and D. bulbosa ssp. major primarily by having yellow pollen, and styles that form an annulus (crown) around the exposed apex of the ovary.

You can find the full description of this subspecies here: Robert Gibson, Drosera bulbosa subsp. coronata (Droseraceae) from the northern goldfields region of Western Australia, Telopea 2013, 15, 99106; (file size 2.4 MB).
In case the link does not work properly, please go to the Telopea page, choose "View contents" and then "Volume 15 2013" and look for Robert Gibson as the author.

Sorry, I can not offer any pictures as I do not grow this subspecies.


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