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Drosera fimbriata

Erect plants up to 10-15 cm. This species has a single, non-branched stem with terminal inflorescence. The lower part of the stem usually has 2-3 whorls of non-carnivorous leaves of unclear function. These non-carnivorous leaves are only found in D. fimbriata out of all tuberous drosera species which makes the identification of the plants easy. The upper part of the stem has several whorls with carnivorous leaves. However, adolescent plants may only develop the carnivorous leaves, not the non-canivorous leaves. Their absence in younger plants may therefore be misleading.

The flowers are white but the developing flower buds may have some pink on the outside of the petals. The tuber is orange.

You can find a full description of this species here: (the download may be slow): Lowrie, A taxonomic revision of Drosera section Stolonifera (Droseraceae) from south-west Western Australia, Nuytsia 15(3): 355393 (2005); (file size 3.9 MB)

sprouting tubers (in july!)

D. fimbriata tubers as found in a pot at the end of one growing season, some with already with emerging stolons



emerging young plant

emerging adult plant

emerging adult plant

emerging plant

emerging young plants

emerging young plants. Some of those are forming a rosette whereas others will form a stem

Emerging D. fimbriata plants. The fimbriate leaves cover the developing new plant. Flower buds are usually already visible at this early stage.



fimbriate non-carnivorous leaves

plant with carnivorous and non-carnivorous leaves

plant with intermediary leaves

The typical fimbriate leaves are formed in whorles. The plant on the right produced some intermediate leaves.



carnivorous leaves

flowering plant

Carnivorous leaves and plant in flower





close-up of flower, note the faint pink colour on the outer parts of the petals

close-up of flower

The flowers are white but may have a blushed pink on the outside.




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