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Drosera gracilis

D. gracilis is a reddish erect species reaching up to almost 5 to 20 cm in height. According to Allen Lowrie it can be distinguished from other members in the peltata complex by its often smaller stature, finer, reddish coloured overall form and very fine stem as well as a beak-shaped appendage on the apical pole of the seed.
The tubers are red.

Please note that Gibson et al do not consider D. gracilis a species separate from D. peltata.

More details on this species can be found Allen Lowrie's Magnum Opus as well as in the recent review of the D. peltata complex species by Gibson, Conn and Bruhl: Austral. Syst. Bot. 25 (1): 75. 2012

rosetted plants of a red form

stems emerging from basal rosette

Non-adult plants on the left, adult plants with a stem emerging from the basal rosette on the right



erect plants of a red form

close-up of leaf

Stem section of an adult plant and close-up of a single leaf. The stem of D. gracilis usually is significantly thinner than one of a D. peltata plant.




close-up of flower





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