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Welcome at this tuberous drosera page!

A few things have happened since I initially uploaded the first pages for this hompage early last year. New species have been described and finally also Allen Lowrie's Magnum Opus became available. Allen described a few new species and promoted many subspecies to species rank plus some other changes. I am sure there will be a continuing discussion on some of these changes, but I nevertheless decided to include all changes into this page. Especially the variable peltata complex is prone to be discussed further.

The photo gallery will be updated over time with new pictures, but at least now all species have a page devoted to them. Nevertheless, some changes lead to re-naming of some pages which always comes with the risk of introducing broken links. I hope I did not miss any of them, but if you find any, please send an email so that I correct it.
Allen described two new species in the macrantha complex. He also split the D. microphylla into 3 species now. I do not grow all of them, but at least those I do grow are certainly distinct enough to warrant this change. You will find a summary of the changes on the new page I called New Developments. I will use this page to summarize major changes in the field.

Finally, as the end of this summer is approaching, a new season is about to start soon. The first species started to appear already in my collection. Those are the usual suspects (D. aff. pallida South Coast Form, some D. aberrans and some D. tubaestylis). So this is a good time for me to wish everyone a joyful new growing season.


Please respect that all texts and photos were created by me and may not be used without my permission.