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July 2015

Welcome at this tuberous drosera page!

Another growing season has found its end now well, at least almost. This year many plants developed new rosettes instead or in addition to a tuber and I still have many plants in growth or some stage of getting dormant. At the same time, some tubers already show the formation of new stolons which they usually start only later in the year. In the end, it may turn out to become a summer without a resting period for more plants than usual. Nevertheless, it is time now for a first tuber list to be posted. I may add more species to the list most likely in a few weeks (as well as some additional stock to those already listed, so there may become other tuber sizes available). We recently had a heat wave passing by and I expect that nearly 40 °C in the shade may convince some more plants that is about time to get dormant.

I made a few more photos during the season and many of them are added to the website already. A few more need to be added, however. The additional information I prepared for the two presentations I gave at the EEE in Padova (september 2015) and in Bonn (april 2015) also needs to be converted in a format suitable for this website. Once that is done, there also will be an update in the growing section. There will be one more meeting I plan to attend in 2015: the EEE held in Lyon in September. I hope to see you there!


Please respect that all texts and photos were created by me and may not be used without my permission.