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Drosera monticola

Erect, non-branching plants up to 15 cm long forming a basal rosette. The plants are usually reddish, the leaves are scattered on stem. The inflorescence will arise terminally from the stem. Additional smaller inflorescences may arise terminally from the leafy stems. However, this species flowers only very rarely.
The tuber is red.

This species can be differentiated from D. purpurascens by its pale pink flowers and the frequently formed below-ground stolons which lead to the formation of compact colonies.

You can find a full description of this species here: (the download may be slow): Lowrie, A taxonomic revision of Drosera section Stolonifera (Droseraceae) from south-west Western Australia, Nuytsia 15(3): 355393 (2005); (file size 3.9 MB)


young plant

young plants





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