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Drosera schmutzii

Drosera schmutzii is a species closely related to Drosera aberrans, Drosera whittakeri and to a lesser extent Drosera praefolia. It is endemic to Kangaroo Island.
The petioles of D. schmutzii are very narrow, the leaves are often elevated and semi-erect above the soil surface, often with whorled leaves on a short stem internode.

The tubers are pale orange and the may sometimes be covered by dark papery sheats from the remains of previous year's tubers.

You can find a full description of this species in Allen Lowrie's Magnum Opus as well as here: Lowrie and Conran, A review of Drosera whittakeri s. lat. (Droseraceae) and description of a new species from Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Telopea 2008, 12(2), 147165; (file size 2.5 MB)


D. schmutzii tubers





D. schmutzii seeds




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