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Drosera stricticaulis

Drosera stricticaulis is an erect species with a green or yellow-green appearance. The size of the plants is quite variable and can range from 10-15 cm for small forms to 30 cm or even 50 cm for large forms. The stem is covered with minute glands throughout its length and the lower section of the stem may carry some bracts. It is usually strong enough to support the plant although large forms may lend on some support. The leaves are arranged in groups of 3 and some forms may branch from the leaf axils. Adult plants do not form a basal rosette. The flowers are pink and the tubers are white.

Drosera stricticaulis is one of the self-pollinating species. The combination of the erect habitus, golden green colour and pink flowers is unique.



Emerging adult plant. Please note the absence of a basal rosette and the bracts at the lower part of the stem.

Flowering plant



leaf with prey

leaves with prey




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